What to Expect at the Abode

UPDATE (11/26/2020): I’m finally getting past my avoidance/anxiety and trying to start to write and publish at the Abode. Obviously, a lot has happened since 2017! Trump is gone…not yet, but almost! My in-laws are still here…but maybe not for long! My wife and I bought a house after we had our second, and last, […]

Rant #2- The “Debate” between Evolution and Creation (sic)

Overhead at a High School Graduation The other night I was enjoying a rather pleasant, short, and uneventful high school graduation. The parents were tame as expected; they were respectful and applauded at the appropriate times. The ceremony stood in stark contrast against my previous 4 high school graduations in an urban charter school district. […]

Tales from the Couch

This is my first post in this series since I started receiving biweekly therapy in September 2017. For over 20 years I’ve received psychotherapy and taken medication on and off. I’ve been diagnosed with bipolar type II disorder, depression, anxiety, OCD, and ADD, but was never officially administered a psychoeducational evaluation. My current therapist, Dr. […]

No Need to Press the Elevator Button if it’s Already Fucking Pressed!

Fucking news flash! If the elevator button is already pressed, there is no…I repeat NO need to press it again. I watch someone do this at least once a day at my apartment complex. Next time I will say, “You know, the magical elevator elf will not bring you the elevator faster because you pressed […]

Okla Lawmakers: “Rape is the Will of God”

This article is from March 2017, but my wife just sent it to me. It sent me into full rage mode. I remember reading it a couple months ago, but I’m still as furious now as then. Oklahoma State Rep. George Faught argues that rape and incest are the will of God while defending anti-abortion legislation. […]

The Evidence that Changed an Atheist’s Mind? Hold on…What?!

It’s likely if you’re reading this blog, you’ve heard of Lee Strobel’s book The Case for Christ. The story goes- Lee Strobel was a Harvard Law graduate and “investigative” reporter for the Chicago Tribune and an Atheist. In his book and newly released movie by the same title, Strobel describes how he found his faith through […]

“I am a Christian and I’ve kinda been thinking lately….”

Recently heard on The Atheist Experience with Matt Dillahunty- “I am a Christian and I’ve kinda been thinking lately…” This is bad news. For religion. My wife and I were just having this discussion. How many billboards have seen with a quote like this- REASON IS THE ENEMY OF FAITH? Once someone starts thinking, that may […]

My Interpretation is the only Interpretation you need to when Interpreting

My Interpretation is the only Interpretation you need when Interpreting- says a 10th grade English teacher to his students when they’re reading a novel. This shithead seriously said that…throughout the year. I was tutoring a couple students in math last week when one student started talking about her least favorite teacher. First of all, this […]

“Thou Shalt Not Steal” is Evidence that God Condemns Slavery

While I’m checking and replying to emails at school, I’m listening to this caller on The Atheist Experience with Matt Dillahunty and Jen Peeples explain how the “commandment’ Thou Shalt Not Steal is evidence that God actually condemns slavery. Check it out about 57 minutes into the show. That’s the biggest reach I’ve ever heard by a […]

I’m Going to Tell You Some Things- the Oatmeal

I’ve been following The Oatmeal, and Matthew Inman, for several years. This dude is pure fucking genius and funny as fuck! He nailed it with the comic You’re not going to believe what I’m about to tell you. A recent University of Southern California study revealed that the same part of the brain that responds to a physcial threat […]