I’m Going to Tell You Some Things- the Oatmeal

I’ve been following The Oatmeal, and Matthew Inman, for several years. This dude is pure fucking genius and funny as fuck! He nailed it with the comic You’re not going to believe what I’m about to tell you. A recent University of Southern California study revealed that the same part of the brain that responds to a physcial threat […]

Children, ‘Ware the She-Bears!

Today, a student teased me for being bald. She said that the top of my head looked like a little patch of grass, which it does so I really can’t complain. My best comeback? I told her that she should never wear mom jeans again. It’s not a flattering look! Side note- shit, apparently, mom jeans are backing […]

“That Avocado Looks Familiar”

That crab rangoon really would’ve tied my lunch together. A few weeks into this year at my new school, I sadly found my leftover Chinese missing the best part- delicious, juicy, fucking crab rangoon. That morning I had dropped off my lunch bag in the fridge in one of our special education classrooms. Six paraeducators […]