Tales from the Couch

This is my first post in this series since I started receiving biweekly therapy in September 2017. For over 20 years I’ve received psychotherapy and taken medication on and off. I’ve been diagnosed with bipolar type II disorder, depression, anxiety, OCD, and ADD, but was never officially administered a psychoeducational evaluation. My current therapist, Dr. […]

Stop Persecuting Straight, Christian, White Men with Power…lots of Power (says a black male pastor)!

If you haven’t heard of the Right-wing radio host and pastor Jesse Lee Peterson, you are in for quite a treat! Listen to this shithead talk about the firing of Bill O’Reilly. Peterson says, ““This was a modern-day lynching of a straight, Christian, conservative, white male of power,” Peterson said. “That’s all this is about, folks. White […]

Exponents & the Path of Righteousness

Yesterday, I was sitting in an Algebra class and observing a student. The students were playing an engaging computer game while practicing working with exponents. Halfway through the game, one of the teachers stopped in order to explain to the students the importance of what to do when you see an exponent as 0. The […]

TrumpCare… Arrested!

Arrested Development will always be my favorite television show…still waiting for that A.D. movie! So, anyway, I just read the best fucking thing ever written! Dan Diamond (thankfully no relation to Dustin Diamond) from politico.com/politicopulse just laid out your favorite new conspiracy theory involving TrumpCare and Arrested Development. Hilarious! On a more serious note, how could the “author’ […]

“That Avocado Looks Familiar”

That crab rangoon really would’ve tied my lunch together. A few weeks into this year at my new school, I sadly found my leftover Chinese missing the best part- delicious, juicy, fucking crab rangoon. That morning I had dropped off my lunch bag in the fridge in one of our special education classrooms. Six paraeducators […]