The New Freethought/Atheist Section of my School’s Library

A couple months ago I asked my high school’s librarian if they carried any books about atheism, secularism, or freethought. She replied that they didn’t, but would be completely open to it. Finally, two months later I donated four books (as shown in the featured image) to the school’s library. One of my first steps […]

Stop Persecuting Straight, Christian, White Men with Power…lots of Power (says a black male pastor)!

If you haven’t heard of the Right-wing radio host and pastor Jesse Lee Peterson, you are in for quite a treat! Listen to this shithead talk about the firing of Bill O’Reilly. Peterson says, ““This was a modern-day lynching of a straight, Christian, conservative, white male of power,” Peterson said. “That’s all this is about, folks. White […]

Exponents & the Path of Righteousness

Yesterday, I was sitting in an Algebra class and observing a student. The students were playing an engaging computer game while practicing working with exponents. Halfway through the game, one of the teachers stopped in order to explain to the students the importance of what to do when you see an exponent as 0. The […]

Getting Shit Done

I haven’t felt better about myself as an adult than I have during the last 3 weeks. I am seeing my therapist and working on behavioral therapy. I went through a psychoeducational evaluation (waiting for the results). I stopped taking Zoloft. My stupid fucking psychiatrist prescribed Adderall for me after I told him that I […]

Crazy Shit I Used to Believe

I’ve been an atheist for almost 25 years. I started questioning religion, the Bible, and God when I was a freshman in college. During this time I’ve believed some stupid fucking shit. Finally, during the last 2 or 3 years, I’ve been able to behave more skeptically and critically. My wife and I were vegans […]

The Harm of “Everyone Has a Right to Their Own Opinion”

“The greatest deception men suffer from is their own opinions” – Leonardo de Vinci Someone close to me has said on several occasions (usually when we are drinking), “but, Dude, everyone has a right to their own opinion.” Side note- I’ll write more about this and the mother-in-law in a later post. This guy is correct. […]