My Interpretation is the only Interpretation you need to when Interpreting

My Interpretation is the only Interpretation you need when Interpreting- says a 10th grade English teacher to his students when they’re reading a novel.

This shithead seriously said that…throughout the year.

I was tutoring a couple students in math last week when one student started talking about her least favorite teacher. First of all, this guy looks like he suffers from daily acid flashbacks from the early 70s.

The students were discussing how, when reading a novel, the teacher tells the class HOW they need to interpret the novel. Now, I understand that there may be absolutely wrong ways to interpret certain classic novels; however, a teacher should NOT tell students how or what to think about a novel or piece of writing. The teacher should always ask for the students’ thoughts and opinions- put the thinking on the students’ plates.

The two students then showed me a marked-up test which consisted of short answer responses and an essay about the novel. The teacher’s markings consisted of, for example -2 points off, and included no written feedback.

That sad thing here- my school is a nationally ranked International Baccalaureate school. Families move into the small neighborhood solely for the school district. I expressed all of the awe and wonders when I started teaching there. Then I opened my eyes and ears and started paying attention.

Many of the teachers teach in an outdated, old-school manner. They demand silence when teaching. You hear the catchy buzz words in education like differentiation, but do not see it! They are able to teach in this manner because the majority of the students are fully compliant and well-behaved and most of the students come from very affluent families.

I’ve witnessed teachers demand that students stand for the daily Pledge of Allegiance.  A latina female student told me that, as a sophomore two years ago, she was forced to stand in front of the classroom for the Pledge by her teacher who was an older white male.

This shit really pisses me off. Because of the school’s stature, no one calls out or keeps these shitheads in check.

At my former school, I had to involve the Freedom from Religion Foundation when the principal (at a public charter school) started playing gospel and religious songs during the students’ morning transition. That shit stopped a week later.

I may have to contact the FFrF again if our school’s Fellowship of Christian Athletes sponsor doesn’t stop holding club meetings during instructional time. While tutoring students, and while students were taking a make-up quiz, we hear “This little light of mine…I’m gonna let it shine” blasting from the next door classroom. Fucking seriously.


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