Diatribes Vol 2 from Noah Lugeons

Everyone, please grab a copy of Diatribes Volume 2  by Noah Lugeons from The Scathing Atheist podcast. I just ordered mine from Amazon; it will sit nicely next to my autographed copy of Diatribes Volume 1! Hoping to get Vol 2 signed by Noah at ReasonCon in Hickory, NC April 21-22. Side note- totally stoked to enjoy a few […]

Children, ‘Ware the She-Bears!

Today, a student teased me for being bald. She said that the top of my head looked like a little patch of grass, which it does so I really can’t complain. My best comeback? I told her that she should never wear mom jeans again. It’s not a flattering look! Side note- shit, apparently, mom jeans are backing […]

My First “ASS Burner!”

Congratulations to the Fellowship of Christian Athletes (FCA) sponsor at my high school…you’re my first Ass Burner. I’ve been sitting on this post for months and have finally built up the appropriate amount of rage! These gems adorn her classroom: The note reads “Alone in Christ my Hope is found.”  Somone please tell me what […]

TrumpCare… Arrested!

Arrested Development will always be my favorite television show…still waiting for that A.D. movie! So, anyway, I just read the best fucking thing ever written! Dan Diamond (thankfully no relation to Dustin Diamond) from politico.com/politicopulse just laid out your favorite new conspiracy theory involving TrumpCare and Arrested Development. Hilarious! On a more serious note, how could the “author’ […]

A Creative Writer who Writes Creatively

I’m reading a student’s new psychoeducational report, and I come to the “teacher narratives” section. This kid’s Creative Writing I teacher actually wrote, and I quote…seriously…”He is a very creative writer. He enjoys writing creatively…” That’s all! That was her response when asked to describe the boy’s academic strengths. That’s a response from a 25-year veteran […]

I Don’t Understand a Word Comin’ Out Your Mouth…You Must Be Wrong

How many of you have listened to a Christian attempt to refute evolution as an origin story (which it fucking isn’t!)? They say “but it’s just a theory!” “Creationism just makes sense when you think about.” In the end, they completely fuck up everything they said about evolution. At least some Christians don’t waste their […]