Thou Shall Not Fuck or Kill Children

Which of the three major religious holy books actually has a commandment banning the harm or abuse of children? Christianity? Judaism? Islam? Am I wrong to think that should be an important commandment (along with rape, slavery…)? Christianity? Hell no, just ask the Catholic church. Judaism? Nope…when God commanded Moses and others to pillage towns, the male children were to be killed and the female virgins were to be kept alive for the men (Numbers 31:17-18). Islam? Fuck no, Mohammed married a 6-year-old.

Number 9 of the Eleven Satanic Rules of Earth in the Satanic Bible states do not harm little children. I’ve mentioned this to my brothers and I got absolutely no response! They didn’t want to hear it. It completely conflicts with what they believe. Most people hate it when their belief system is challenged. How many of my readers realize that the Satanic Temple doesn’t actually believe in a literal Satan or devil?

When Jesus said, “Come unto me little children,” he wasn’t being literal.

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