TrumpCare… Arrested!

Arrested Development will always be my favorite television show…still waiting for that A.D. movie!

So, anyway, I just read the best fucking thing ever written! Dan Diamond (thankfully no relation to Dustin Diamond) from just laid out your favorite new conspiracy theory involving TrumpCare and Arrested Development. Hilarious!

On a more serious note, how could the “author’ of The Art of the Deal fail so miserably in securing this health care deal? Trump actually said, “Nobody knows more what this than me. I alone can fix it.” Yet, weeks ago Trump said, “who would’ve thought health care was so expensive.” C’mon Trump, you couldn’t even get your own party to agree to the deal?!

Trump touted himself as a deal maker in the campaign. Well, he lost this deal.

Trump on health care: “We will get something through…we’re going to come up with something. We always do.” Dude, you’ve been in office for just over  2 months. How the fuck can you say “we always do??” Additionally, you haven’t done anything! You ordered two travel bans from Muslim countries (the now-infamous failed Muslim ban) which were immediately blocked by federal judges. Speaking of the Muslim ban, Trump’s immigrant ban would have legally gone through if he wouldn’t have spent 15 months screaming that he was going to execute a Muslim ban if he was elected.

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