Stop Persecuting Straight, Christian, White Men with Power…lots of Power (says a black male pastor)!

If you haven’t heard of the Right-wing radio host and pastor Jesse Lee Peterson, you are in for quite a treat! Listen to this shithead talk about the firing of Bill O’Reilly.

Peterson says, ““This was a modern-day lynching of a straight, Christian, conservative, white male of power,” Peterson said. “That’s all this is about, folks. White males of power are under attack. The straight white male of power is the only thing that is keeping the country hanging on. You get rid of them, it’s over. And that’s what these children of the lie are working desperately trying to do.”

Peterson just compared the firing of a TV show host, accused of sexually harassing females at FOX, to the lynchings of African-Americans for decades. And by lynching, I mean fucking murdering! Go back and read that sentence again. Peterson compared the O’Reilly firing to the lynching (i.e. murder) of thousands of black people.

By the way, Jesse Lee Peterson is a black man. He’s also a pastor. It seems to me that the religious are able to sacrifice their good Christian morals, or to “suspend” them, in order to find common ground with Trump and modern day Conservatives Republicans. They all have one thing in common….hate and bigotry.

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