“I like Obama, but…”

After months of refraining from joining in family discussions, my father-in-law finally decided to chime in. Joe said, “I like Obama, but he didn’t do anything except have a good (NCAA Tourney) bracket and invite basketball teams to the White House.” Joe claims to be a life-long Democrat, but, as I said to him, his behaviors and words say otherwise.

Joe didn’t vote for Hilary, and admitted that Trump was a better choice, has a lot of good ideas, and we should give him a chance. Don’t forget that Joe claims to be a Democrat!

I asked Joe to name a couple of Trump’s “good ideas.” He came back with illegal immigration and the repealing Obamacare. Joe was unable to tell me, in detail, why he thought these for good ideas or policies.

Joe stated that “we can no longer trust the media to be fair and accurate.” This shit sounds very familiar! Definitely not what I’d expect from a staunch Democrat.

I was waiting for him to throw out the “bootstrap” bullshit. That post will come later. A few of my brothers (I have 7) absolutely love to say “I don’t mind pay taxes to support hard working Americans who pick themselves up by their bootstraps.”

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