I Don’t Understand a Word Comin’ Out Your Mouth…You Must Be Wrong

How many of you have listened to a Christian attempt to refute evolution as an origin story (which it fucking isn’t!)? They say “but it’s just a theory!” “Creationism just makes sense when you think about.” In the end, they completely fuck up everything they said about evolution. At least some Christians don’t waste their time trying to explain it, so they just say, “It doesn’t make sense, so, therefore, I must be right and the creation story is true.” Jesus H. Fucking Christ this is ridiculous! “I don’t understand evolution, so it must be wrong.” Well, evolution is true whether you “believe” it or not. By the way, evolution doesn’t require a belief. I don’t “believe” in evolution. I understand evolution and accept that it is true.

Have a look at a few arguments against evolution that just won’t die. My favorite is “If human begins evolved from monkeys then why are there still monkeys?” This argument is so goddamn ridiculous that it isn’t taken seriously by scientists, yet so many Christians still adamantly shout it out!

I just came across this gem! “Author” Michael Snyder writes 44 Reasons Why Evolution is Just a Fairy Tale for Adults. Snyder writes, “Meanwhile, most average people are intimidated into accepting the “truth” about evolution because they don’t want to appear to be “stupid” to everyone else.”

I know it can be difficult to learn how to properly use Google and, as my 2-year-old son says, “Stop and Think.”


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