Exponents & the Path of Righteousness

Yesterday, I was sitting in an Algebra class and observing a student. The students were playing an engaging computer game while practicing working with exponents. Halfway through the game, one of the teachers stopped in order to explain to the students the importance of what to do when you see an exponent as 0.

The teacher whom I’m referring happens to be the same teacher from an earlier post- the school’s Fellowship of Christian Athletes sponsor who hands out a brochure which refers to homosexuality as a “problem.”

From now on I will refer to her as Shithead.

So, back to the story. Shithead concludes her explanation on the zero exponent property by exclaiming in her best Creflo Dollar voice: “Do not fall (or fault) from the path of righteousness!” I’m not sure if she said fall or fault. My immediate reaction was “Hold on….wait…what the fuck did she just say?!”

My immediate reaction was “Hold on….wait…what the fuck did she just say?!” I expect a lot of shit to spout from her mouth, but I definitely did not see that shit coming!

No students or teachers (there are 3 teachers in the class) seemed to show disgust or surprise at the exclamation. I just could not believe what I heard.

In what stretch of anyone’s imagination could anyone possibly link the zero exponent property to God’s so-called path of righteousness?!

This shithead provides me with endless material!

By the way- sidenote- Shithead calls everyone friend. She calls her students AND colleagues fucking friend! Really?! Who the fuck does that?






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