Ep 5 Misconceptions about Atheists

Welcome to Episode 5 of A Dude and A Brit. We explore atheism, skepticism, education, and critical thinking. This episode TJ and Freddie discuss common misconceptions about atheists and atheism, as well as another logical fallacy, Daniel Dennett, and we learn about the significance of the letter J and lowercase t. 



  • Quote- by George Carlin
  • British Word of the Week- dole
  • Logical Fallacy- Burden of Proof
  • TJ’s Famous Atheist Homework- Daniel Dennett
  • “Sh!theads in the News” Rant- Trump and White Nationalists
  • Main topic- Misconceptions about atheism and atheists
  • Preview next week’s show

Common misconceptions about atheists and atheism:

10 Common Misconceptions About Atheism




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