Okla Lawmakers: “Rape is the Will of God”

This article is from March 2017, but my wife just sent it to me. It sent me into full rage mode. I remember reading it a couple months ago, but I’m still as furious now as then. Oklahoma State Rep. George Faught argues that rape and incest are the will of God while defending anti-abortion legislation. […]

Nobody has a better plan to defeat ISIS than Trump!

In today’s “Nobody is better than me at…” news, Trump has asked the Pentagon to devise a plan to defeat ISIS. Let’s not forget one of Trump’s key points during his presidential run last year: “I have a secret plan to defeat ISIS.” No hurry Pentagon…you have only 30 days to devise the ultimate plan to “obliterate ISIS!” […]

PORP- The Party of Reason and Progress

Please join David G. McAfee and The Party of Reason and Progress. Their purpose: “The Party seeks, above all, to produce positive change within the political system. Our priorities are to influence politics in four largely interrelated areas: human rights, secularism, evidence-based policymaking, and respectful, nonpartisan dialogue. We seek to promote neither liberal nor conservative […]