Tales from the Couch

This is my first post in this series since I started receiving biweekly therapy in September 2017. For over 20 years I’ve received psychotherapy and taken medication on and off. I’ve been diagnosed with bipolar type II disorder, depression, anxiety, OCD, and ADD, but was never officially administered a psychoeducational evaluation. My current therapist, Dr. […]

My Interpretation is the only Interpretation you need to when Interpreting

My Interpretation is the only Interpretation you need when Interpreting- says a 10th grade English teacher to his students when they’re reading a novel. This shithead seriously said that…throughout the year. I was tutoring a couple students in math last week when one student started talking about her least favorite teacher. First of all, this […]

Getting Shit Done

I haven’t felt better about myself as an adult than I have during the last 3 weeks. I am seeing my therapist and working on behavioral therapy. I went through a psychoeducational evaluation (waiting for the results). I stopped taking Zoloft. My stupid fucking psychiatrist prescribed Adderall for me after I told him that I […]

Avoidance and Procrastination

I’m almost 42 years old. I’ve been diagnosed with bipolar disorder, ADHD, OCD, depression, and anxiety.  A month ago my badass therapist asked me if I had ever been given a formal psychological (or psychoeducational) evaluation. Holy shit why the fuck wasn’t I administered one over the last 20 years?! A doctor told me I […]

PORP- The Party of Reason and Progress

Please join David G. McAfee and The Party of Reason and Progress. Their purpose: “The Party seeks, above all, to produce positive change within the political system. Our priorities are to influence politics in four largely interrelated areas: human rights, secularism, evidence-based policymaking, and respectful, nonpartisan dialogue. We seek to promote neither liberal nor conservative […]