“But, Dude, You Must Believe in Something”

Update- 4/15/17  So, after a 4-hour conversation with my son’s classmate’s father I decided that I had to update this story from a couple weeks ago. Rather than enjoy my Spring Break alone, I had the pleasure of babysitting my 2 1/2 year old son and his classmate. Fortunately, his school/daycare closed for a week […]

Diatribes Vol 2 from Noah Lugeons

Everyone, please grab a copy of Diatribes Volume 2  by Noah Lugeons from The Scathing Atheist podcast. I just ordered mine from Amazon; it will sit nicely next to my autographed copy of Diatribes Volume 1! Hoping to get Vol 2 signed by Noah at ReasonCon in Hickory, NC April 21-22. Side note- totally stoked to enjoy a few […]

Thou Shall Not Fuck or Kill Children

Which of the three major religious holy books actually has a commandment banning the harm or abuse of children? Christianity? Judaism? Islam? Am I wrong to think that should be an important commandment (along with rape, slavery…)? Christianity? Hell no, just ask the Catholic church. Judaism? Nope…when God commanded Moses and others to pillage towns, […]

The Brick Bible and Pork Rind Foreskins

Please have a listen to Seth Andrews’ 300th episode of The Thinking Atheist podcast, including Aron Ra, Matt Dillahunty, Sara Haider, Shelley Segal, and David Smalley. You have never experienced the wonderful stories of the Bible such as those presented in The Brick Bible. Hundreds of Bible stories are illustrated using LEGO bricks. The guests on […]

Suspension of Reason and Critical Thinking

“Fundies” refers to religious fundamentalists of any religion- Christianity, Islam, Judaism, to name a few. It blows my mind how educated people can suspend reason, critical thinking, and the scientific method and actually believe the Noah story in the Old Testament is fact. While reading an article about newly VP-elect Mike Pence, my mother-in-law balked […]